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Mission Statement


Our mission is to explore, educate, consult, and find solutions in research technology to the highest level of research.




Our objective is to provide companies with viable options and delivery at an affordable

price. We strive in helping company’s research new technology, education on new systems and designs. We also strive to provide options on current problems and find solutions.

The purpose of innovation research is to define the what, why and how of human behavior, and harness this insight for innovation. Results are directional in nature, and feed into your organization’s product development and/or strategic planning initiatives.

Innovation Research applies to all phases of development, from the “revelation idea” all the way through to after product launch. The focus of this research process is always on gaining a contextual understanding of user behavior to improve or develop new products, services or processes.

True Innovation Research LLC, we have extensive experience in conducting Innovation Research within both business-to-consumer and business-to-business segments. Past projects have involved the design or redesign of physical products, software applications, websites, marketing materials, displays, business processes and service designs.

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Our Innovation Research is best for organizations that want to:

  • Explore expansion into new product categories/verticals

  • Discover who to target with new products and services

  • Define which features to include in new products and services

  • Improve an existing product or service to stay competitive

  • Evaluate the barriers associated with adoption of your product in the marketplace

Regardless of the research techniques used, we always employ rigorous data collection, analysis and synthesis processes. Specific research methods chosen to engage customers are dependent on a project's objectives, but can include techniques such as ethnographic research, in-depth interviews, focus groups, camera studies, usability studies or online qualitative research.

Our Innovation Planning Workshops are designed to take your team through a rapid-fire exercise to explore and assess multiple new directions for growth, accelerating the process for innovation. We do this by utilizing creative problem-solving and user-centered design analysis and synthesis techniques, as well as business planning and strategic analysis frameworks.

The workshops always involve members of the client team and outside experts, where appropriate. They generally last one to three days, depending on the objectives, and can be used in conjunction with our innovation research programs, or as a stand-alone method.

Fire Team Workshop
Need to ensure that your entire team is working toward the same goal? We’ll show you how to create a project road map by analyzing your expectations, direction and objectives.

Think Tank Workshop
Want to discover fresh, new opportunities (i.e. products, services, businesses) for your company to consider? We’ll help you figure out “what’s next” by finding the inter-connections between consumer and market trends, your capabilities as an organization and technologies available.

Revelation into Opportunity Workshop
You’ve done some customer research, and have learned a lot, but now what? This workshop is all about making customer insights tangible and relevant in the face of the goals and responsibilities that you have to your organization.

Mission Assessment Workshop
Need to know if a new concept or opportunity is strategically sound and has market viability? This workshop will give you the answer, as well as a project road map to follow for any opportunity worth of further exploration.

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